Matt's Journey

4/18/19 Biopsy Day

So I haven't written any updates this week.  I think I have been hiding from it all.  Most of the week was absolutely perfect.  My little 4 year old has been happy and playing almost like nothing has happened.  It has been a pretty decent week so far.  

Matt has his biopsy this morning.  We've received warnings and encouragement from so many.  I truly wish this wasn't necessary.  The biopsy is so incredibly risky.  Just a week or two ago there was a child who had an incident while getting this exact procedure done.  We were warned by that child's parents to not do it.  I am so broken for them.  I don't want to do this but if we don't, the trials Matt needs are not open to him and we will be guessing at the makeup of the tumor and not know its weakness.  This is the best chance to fight a so far undefeated cancer.  

Matt's siblings are slowly realizing what is happening.  

Please pray for us! - Adam

4/12/19 Baseball!!!

Last night was incredible! On our way up to UCSF, we stopped in Clovis so Matthew could play baseball with the Chopsticks! These young men welcomed Matthew onto their team as an honorary member, gave him lots of fun goodies, a few jerseys, hats, a mitt, baseballs, and loads of bubble gum! Each and every young man made sure Matthew felt welcome and loved. These boys are really great athletes too, it was an honor and pleasure to meet them, talk with them, and cheer them on. We are so blessed that they would take the time to make sure Matthew made some good memories and reminded us all that nobody fights cancer alone. As we loaded him into the car and were pulling away from the field, Matthew sighed a very big sigh and said, “that was such a fun day.” Clovis Babe Ruth

We met with the doctors at UCSF.  We will be getting a biopsy done later next week so we can understand the specific makeup of this tumor. The results will take about two weeks to get back and then we will start radiation followed by the best trial option for attacking the specific tumor he has.  This was a good day!  


Mighty Matt (#4) is on the roster for the Clovis Chopsticks!   We have our first game tonight.  These guys have been praying non stop since they heard about Mighty Matt!  Thanks guys for making him an honorary member of your team!  Good luck in the game tonight!  We will see you all there!

We also heard from UCSF!  Matt has two consultation appointments tomorrow morning with the doctors!  Praise God!  Let's get some answers!!!


Matthew has had several intense headaches and began throwing up.  His Mom is taking him up to Valley Childrens to have another MRI done to see if the tumor what can be done right now!

Update - The MRI showed no swelling on his brain!  Praise God!  


We are waiting on the Dr's at UCSF to review Matthew's case and share with us the trials that are available.  We are expecting to meet with them on Friday!


Canyon Hills Assembly of God held a dedication service for Matthew.  The entire congregation prayed and lifted him up.  We believe in a God who heals!  


MRI results came back with devastating news.  Matthew has DIPG.  Cancer on his brainstem.  It is non-operable and there is no current successful treatments...  We need a miracle!


At 3:30 in the morning, we were rushed to Valley Children's Hospital in Madera where an MRI was scheduled for that evening.


Matthew was playing freeze tag with his siblings at Dad and Stepmom's house.  He fell, hitting his head.  He got dizzy and started throwing up so we rushed him to the ER.