More Prayer Requests Coming Daily!

4/18/19 Biopsy Day!

Thank you all for continuing to pray for Matt!  Today is a HUGE day.  He is at UCSF preparing for his biopsy this morning.  Please pray!

"Dear Lord, hold Matthew tight this morning!  Guide the doctor's hands and keep him steady.  Help him to pinpoint the exact spot he needs without damaging the surrounding brain tissue or blood vessels.  And help him to work quickly.  Please keep Matthew safe! - Amen!"

4/12/19 Thankfulness

"Dear Lord, thank you for the outpouring of love and support from so many people.  Matthew got to run the bases last night and make some amazing new friends.  Thank you that the doctor meetings today were successful and that we are moving forward now.  Thank you for this amazing little man that we get to care for and enjoy. - Amen!"

4/11/19 Matthew's First Little League Game and Appointments at UCSF

Matthew gets to play baseball tonight with the Bombers little league team in Fresno!  We also got our appointments at UCSF to meet with the Dr's who will start giving us Matthew's trials options!

"Dear Lord, thank your for Matt.  We ask for a great night tonight playing baseball and some real answers and trial options tomorrow from the doctors.  We continue to seek you for his healing.  In your name we pray. - Amen"

4/9/19 Matt's being rushed back to Valley Children's Hospital

Matthews headaches have intensified and increased.  His mom is taking him to Valley Children's Hospital to have an MRI done to see if the swelling is trapping fluid in his brain.  Please join us in this prayer! 

"Dear Lord, heal this wonderful little man.  We are praying for complete healing and immediate comfort for Matthew.  Amen"

Update - Matt's test came back showing no new swelling or tumor growth in the last week!  Thank you Jesus!

4/8/19 Urgency for the Doctors

We are waiting for the team at UCSF to meet with us and offer the best trial treatment available.  Please join us in this prayer!

"Dear Lord, please put a sense of urgency in the heart of these doctors who are making life and death decisions for Matthew.  Help them find the perfect course of action and help them find it quickly.  Amen"

More prayers for healing....


  • Matthew is healed by the stripes of Jesus (Isaiah 53:5)
  • I rebuke all fevers in the name of Jesus (Luke 4:39)
  • Matthew is fearfully and wonderfully made. Let his body function in the wonderful way You designed it to function (Psalm 139:14)
  • Lord, protect Matthew’s mind, heart and emotional well-being today
  • I speak life into Matthew’s cells, muscles, bones and brain. 
  • I command Matthew’s DNA to realign to its original purpose.
  • Give the doctors and nurses wisdom as you work through them.
  • I break, rebuke, and cast out any spirit of cancer that would attempt to establish itself in Matthew’s brain, tissues, cells, blood, bones, spine, or skin in the name of Jesus.
  • Heal and deliver Matthew from all the of his pains in the name of Jesus. 
  • I break all curses of premature death and destruction in the name of Jesus. May he not leave this earth until Your appointed time.
  • Lord, fill Matthew’s parents with peace, strength, joy and wisdom by the power of the Holy Spirit. (Galatians 5:22-23)
  • Lord, keep all of Matthew’s bones (Psalm 34:20)
  • Let every tumor melt at the presence of God (Psalm 97:5)
  • Let any infection in Matthew’s body be burned by the fire of God. 
  • I pray for Matthew’s immune system to be strengthened in the name of Jesus (Psalm 118:17)
  • Lord, you heal all of Matthew’s diseases (Psalm 103:3)
  • Jesus, arise over Matthew’s life with healing in your wings (Mal. 4:2)
  • The Lord is the strength of Matthew’s life (Psalm 27:1)
  • Matthew is redeemed from sickness and disease (Galatians 3:13)
  • Jesus Christ makes Matthew whole (Acts 9:34)
  • Lord, fill Matthew’s brothers and sister with all joy and peace as they trust in you (Romans 15:13)
  • God heals: Exodus 15:26, Jeremiah 30:17 and Psalm 30:2
  • Jehovah Jireh, provide for all that Heather and the children need. (Matthew 6:31-32, Genesis 22:14)