Join us in prayer for our Mighty Matt!

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Please join us in praying for 

Matthew's complete healing!

About Matt

Mighty Matt's Battle


Our little Matthew is 4 years old.  On April 1st, 2019, he was playing with his older siblings and took a fall.  He stood up and fell back down unable to hold his balance.  Shortly after he began throwing up.  We rushed him to the ER where they performed a CT scan and discovered swelling in the center of his brain.  We were rushed to Valley Children's Hospital in Madera at 3:30 in the morning.

Valley Children's Hospital is an amazing place.  They understand children and they understand the pure heaviness weighing on parents hearts.  We absolutely love this place.  The people are beyond amazing.

Matthews MRI came back with some devastating news.  He has DIPG Cancer.  It is an aggressive, non-treatable, nasty brain cancer.  We are depending on a miracle.  

Please pray for Matthew's complete healing!  

Our friends and family have shown amazing support.  We are seeking out everyone who has a success story and asking for you to share it via Matt's facebook page.  We are able to read those entirely as we have the strength.